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Sunday Morning Service

We gather as a congregation every Sunday morning at 10:30 for coffee and visiting, and 11am for our service, and we would love to have you there with us! This is a time of singing, learning, and fellowship. Services are usually done by noon. Here's what a typical Sunday looks like:

A Capella Singing

We lift our voices together in praise to God and to teach and encourage each other. Everyone is invited to sing out, as loudly or quietly as you please.


A memorial "meal" that we engage in every Sunday to remember how Christ sacrificed his body and blood so we may have eternal life. We pass around a tray with individual cups of grape juice and small pieces of bread. If you would like the participate, you can take one of each. After everyone is served, we will pray and then consume it together. If you choose not to participate, just pass the plate down to the person next to you.

The Lesson

During this part of the service, our minister will direct us in a bible-based, challenging, and relevant study of God's Word. Sit back, lend your ears, and learn. The sermon will be 20 to 30 minutes long. If you have any questions about the lesson, feel free to talk to the Russell afterwards. He is always happy to answer questions or discuss topics more deeply.

Wednesday Evening Bible Study

Every Wednesday we gather at 5:30 pm for a meal and a time of bible study. The meal is hosted by the church and other volunteers, so feel free to just drop in! Dinner is on at 5:30, then we have a bible study from 6:15-7:00pm.